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Hosted by local leaders, city meetings crisscross the country every month with compelling presentations from key leaders and respected guest speakers. Bring a guest or bring yourself to hear what people are saying about the exciting Javita Opportunity, the unparalleled Compensation Plan and product that nearly sells itself.

For venue details, host contact information and more, login into your Javita Account and select Events.
Or call Javita Member Support at 1-855-JAVITA1 (1-855-528-4821).

  • Date Location Time Host(s) Speaker(s)
  • Apr 21st Los Angeles, CA 08:00 AM Javita Leadership Tom Bowman, Bill & Dawn Ball, Andrea Gebhardt, Carla Vargas, Kimon Lee
  • Apr 21st Mount Vernon, IL 08:00 AM T Caplan T Caplan
  • Apr 21st Carrollton, IL 10:00 AM Tiffany Perry
  • Apr 21st Mount Vernon, IL 10:00 AM T Caplan Joan Stork & Diane Hines
  • Apr 21st Belleville, IL 02:00 PM Mallory Levery Gina Montroy
  • Apr 21st Bronx, NY 02:00 PM Ana Matias Lydia Hartlaub & Sthefany Torres
  • Apr 21st Centralia, IL 03:00 PM Jason Smith Tonya Curry & Mary Koenegstein
  • Apr 21st Bronx, NY 04:00 PM Radayci Torres Lydia Hartlaub & Sthefany Torres
  • Apr 22nd O'Fallon, IL 02:00 PM Timi McMillin Tera Keller
  • Apr 22nd Covington, GA 05:00 PM Andre & Mindy Merkerson Andre & Mindy Merkerson
  • Apr 23rd Alton, IL 06:30 PM Judy Pratt Sandy Tharp & Judy McGill
  • Apr 23rd Lake Station, IN 07:00 PM Laura Delbrey
  • Apr 24th Venice, FL 06:30 PM Joel and Jennifer Quintel Bill Ball
  • Apr 24th Pinckneyville, IL 06:30 PM Rose Headley Kyla Jo Patton, Tonya Curry, Kimberly Ball & Mary Koenegstein
  • Apr 24th Belle River, IL 06:30 PM Diane Hines Joan Stork, T Caplan & Diane Hines
  • Apr 25th Marion, IL 08:00 AM Diane Hines Diane Hines & T Caplan
  • Apr 25th Columbia, IL 06:30 PM Rosemary Neff Cari Lucht, Donna Theis & Sharon Brown
  • Apr 25th Red Bud, IL 06:30 PM Karen Leonard Patricia Reinhold
  • Apr 25th Sparta, IL 07:00 PM Melinda Jones Gina Montroy, Joan Stork & Melinda Jones
  • Apr 26th Marion, IL 08:00 AM T Caplan T Caplan & Diane Hines
  • Apr 26th Granite City, IL 06:30 PM Marleen Rodgers Melissa Laboube & Carissa Rodgers
  • Apr 26th Garland, TX 06:30 PM Amy Lafitte Amy Lafitte
  • Apr 27th Basco, IL 06:30 PM Angela Morehouse Gayla Risley
  • Apr 28th Columbia, IL 10:00 AM Gina Montroy Gina Montroy
  • Apr 28th Pittsfield, IL 10:30 AM Lydia Reel Kyla Jo Patton & Gayla Risley
  • Apr 28th Jacksonville, IL 02:30 PM Jill Buchanan Kyla Jo Patton
  • Apr 28th Pittsfield, IL 06:30 PM Lisa Pennock Lisa Pennock & Kyla Jo Patton
  • Apr 29th McKinney, TX 02:00 PM Alma G Jao
  • Apr 29th Salem, IL 03:00 PM Tonya Curry Kyla Jo Patton & Tonya Curry
  • May 5th Edwardsville, IL 08:00 AM Cindi Myers
  • May 5th Mt Vernon, IL 10:00 AM Dwaine Jones & Tonya Curry Dwaine Jones & Tonya Curry
  • May 6th Effingham, IL 10:00 AM Dominique Grider
  • May 6th Salem, IL 03:00 PM Whitney Purcell Tonya Curry & Kyla Jo Patton
  • May 12th Richardson, TX 10:00 AM Amy Lafitte Amy Lafitte, Ken & Tammy Luther, Jennifer Loehding, Enrique & Cristina Hernandez, Susanne Anderson
  • May 12th Arlington, TX 05:00 PM Crystal King Amy Lafitte
  • May 19th Carbondale, IL 09:00 AM James & Melody Turner Melody Turner
  • May 27th Sesser, IL 02:00 PM Anitra Parker Lori Jeter & Sherry Walsh
  • Jun 9th Richardson, TX 10:00 AM Amy Lafitte Amy Lafitte, Ken & Tammy Luther, Jennifer Loehding, Enrique and Cristina Hernandez, Susanne Anderson