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Hosted by local leaders, city meetings crisscross the country every month with compelling presentations from key leaders and respected guest speakers. Bring a guest or bring yourself to hear what people are saying about the exciting Javita Opportunity, the unparalleled Compensation Plan and product that nearly sells itself.

For venue details, host contact information and more, login into your Javita Account and select Events.
Or call Javita Member Support at 1-855-JAVITA1 (1-855-528-4821).

  • Date Location Time Host(s) Speaker(s)
  • Aug 21st The Villages, FL 06:30 PM Jackie Witthoft Judy McGill
  • Aug 21st Godfrey, IL 06:30 PM Jana McDonald Jen Bassford & Cheryl Houck
  • Aug 21st Smithton, IL 06:30 PM Lisa Ashley Patricia Reinhold
  • Aug 21st Frisco, TX 07:30 PM Sandy Duncan Tom Bowman
  • Aug 22nd O'Fallon, IL 06:00 PM Tera Keller Kyla Jo Patton
  • Aug 22nd Salt Springs, FL 06:30 PM Sarah McCreary Judy & Butch McGill
  • Aug 23rd Grafton, IL 06:30 PM Gina Allen Jen Bassford
  • Aug 23rd Brunswick, MO 06:30 PM Robin Gorrell Gina Montroy
  • Aug 25th O'Fallon, IL 09:30 AM Jen Bassford Andrea Gebhardt, Jen Bassford, Kyla Jo Patton
  • Aug 25th Baltimore, MD 10:00 AM Karima Carrington Carla Vargas, Luke & Aimee Sarmiento, Ringkoy & Margie Dumadag
  • Aug 25th Wylie, TX 11:00 AM Linda Sachse Amy Lafaitte
  • Aug 25th Addison, TX 01:00 PM Michelle Hall Tom Bowman
  • Aug 26th Wood River, IL 04:00 PM Bryan Scroggins Judy & Butch McGill
  • Aug 26th Beaver Dam, WI 06:00 PM Brenda Kuhl Andrea Gebhardt & Brenda Kuhl
  • Aug 29th Trenton, IL 06:30 PM Lori Brandmeyer Kyla Jo Patton
  • Aug 30th Pittsfield, IL 06:00 PM Gayla Risley Lydia Reel
  • Aug 30th East Alton, IL 06:30 PM Sue Keasler Judy McGill
  • Aug 31st Albers, IL 06:30 PM Kristy Kicklighter Kyla Jo Patton
  • Sep 1st Mount Vernon, IL 08:00 AM Diane Hines T Caplan
  • Sep 6th Belleville, IL 06:30 PM Weingarten Winery Gina Montroy
  • Sep 13th Tonganoxie, KS 06:00 PM Sara Turner
  • Sep 15th Eudora, KS 10:00 AM Leanne Mathews
  • Sep 19th Platte City, MO 06:00 PM Sara Turner
  • Sep 28th Jonesboro, AR 05:00 PM Gina Montroy Gina Montroy, Joan Stork, Melinda Jones
  • Sep 29th Jonesboro, AR 08:00 AM Gina Montroy Gina Montroy, Joan Stork, Melinda Jones
  • Sep 29th Wood River, IL 11:00 AM Wood River Food Truck Tera Keller & Sue McCarthy
  • Oct 18th Kansas City, MO 06:00 PM Sara Turner
  • Oct 20th Pittsfield, IL 07:00 AM Gayla Risley Lydia Reel