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Luxury Car Program

Javita Members are hard-working entrepreneurs, building a better life (and lifestyle) for themselves and their families. To show our appreciation for these efforts, we developed the Luxury Car Program, offering our Members the opportunity to own/lease a luxury car or take advantage of the Student College Tuition and Loan Repayment Option.

The Luxury Car Program is "best in class" for two reasons:

To be eligible for the Luxury Car Program, the following Member criteria must occur:

Student College Tuition and Loan Repayment Option (Tuition Option)

Javita offers the Student College Tuition and Loan Repayment Option (Tuition Option) to any Member who qualifies for the Luxury Car Program. Qualifying Members who select the Tuition Option will receive the full cash bonus to go towards repayment of a student's college tuition or student loan.

By reaching the level of Supervisor or higher in the Javita Compensation Plan, a Member qualifies to join the prestigious Luxury Car Program and is eligible for a monthly Car Bonus that can be used toward the lease or purchase of any of the 10 qualifying luxury cars.

After becoming a Supervisor, the Member must maintain their rank and volume during a one-month grace period. The Member will then earn a monthly bonus they can apply towards their new car (leased or purchased) or Tuition Option. The Car Bonus/Tuition Option amounts are as follows:

Members who elect not to get a car can receive the Tuition Option or the Cash Bonus Option, which is equal to 50% of the Car Bonus amount. The Cash Bonus Option is paid in the monthly commissions cycle. (For Members not in the U.S and Canada, the only bonus available is the Cash Bonus Option).

Click here to view the Luxury Car Program Flyer.