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ActiveBlendz™ for an Active Lifestyle

You’re up before the sun, with a to-do list that would intimidate the average person. But you ARE NOT the average person. You juggle more balls than a circus performer, and still manage to carve out time for others. With so many depending on you, you can’t afford to be at anything less than your best.

Designed for the “active,” on-the-go superhero in all of us—we bring you ActiveBlendz™.

ActiveBlendz™ Control

Pomegranates & concord grapes burst with juicy deliciousness in a refreshing fruit drink mix that puts you back in control of your weight loss battle...

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ActiveBlendz™ Defend

Brazilian cherries and sweet blueberries are paired to perfection in a refreshing fruit drink mix that helps fortify your immune system...

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ActiveBlendz™ Fiber+

Peaches and mangos explode in a delicious fiber drink mix that does more than get and keep your digestive tract moving....

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ActiveBlendz™ Flex

Sweet strawberries and lip-smacking lemons blend flawlessly in a delicious fruit drink mix that refreshes while it nourishes healthy joints...

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